Project What Why Skill
One of many content to help customers make better, informed decisions
To utilize my skills and knowledge in the industry by publishing impactful pieces of content. This not only helped me improve myself, but it also empowered others on our team so that we can work together more effectively for future projects.
Website for a family restaurant that specializes in the most delicious Cambodian cuisine
I'm looking to build my portfolio with more landing pages and showcases of work that was done for different clients.
Tests your application against different versions of Postgres
I needed a way to test for regression as we followed a rapid release cycle and wanted the best possible experience with each patch. This is what led me to create integration verification tests (IVT), which were executed alongside traditional smoke tests; this provided early warning signs before any issues arise within installed products themselves.
Repackaging OS X apps with customizations
With Docker, I was able to streamline the process for generating OS X installers that is much easier and faster than going through Packages. This meant teams were customizing packages with minimal effort which also leads into more frequent deploys with clients.
Automatically downloads Application Compatibility Toolkit files for each operating system for Enterprise Win10 readiness
When it comes to building the compatibility checker, Microsoft makes finding the right files difficult. I created a tool that made things easier by providing links and updates in one place for whichever OS build was needed to be downloaded at once.
SDK contribution to interface with role-based access control (RBAC)
By abstracting away from RBAC, my clients were able to more freely integrate with the platform. The API library enabled them by taking care of administrative privileges and other complexity involved in managing user accounts.
Automate API calls in different environments
Automating API testing is key for finding bugs before release. When one version breaks, you'll know exactly where to start revising so that your app can continue functioning as intended instead of having people rely on assumptions about what might have gone wrong due simply because no log data was available.
Use a web framework which provides API for interactivity with browsers
The transition from Angular to React created challenges for me since there is no way we could do unit testing alone. To make sure that our product works as intended, behavioral tests and scenarios on how things should work had to be implemented.
Create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single json source configuration
The challenge I faced was how to make sure all my tests returned the same value no matter what operating system they ran on.
File integrity monitoring on low compute resources
Integrity monitoring is a fundamental part of systems management. When you have low resources, it becomes difficult to monitor everything that needs attention.
auditdlinuxevent logcgroupsfilebeat
Integrate vulnerabilities catalog from CISA
The client wanted to ensure that they met their service level agreement for each vulnerability scanned.
User State Migration Tool for remote users
Clients won't always be at their desk and the computers they're using can become failed or disconnected. I devise a way to capture file layers so that you can easily migrate data when needed.
usmtsmbdata backupdisaster recoveryvss
Bootstrap servers using secrets from Vault
Hackers are always looking for ways into your database and if you have leaky users or processes that can be compromised by this kind of attack, then it's time consider implementing restrictions on source hosts.